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Mee Siam

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There is no confirmation as to where Mee Siam originated from, but judging from it’s name, it seems to have Thai roots. It can now be found in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand (where it’s known as Mee Kiat). Mee Siam is a simple dish – vermicelli in spicy sauce concocted with a little sweetness.

The Singaporean version

The Mee Siam Singaporeans use consist of Bee Hoon, Tau Kua, Tao Gei (beansprouts), Asam, and various other ingredients that help to contribute to it’s unique and interesting taste, an intriguing blend of sweet, salty, and sour. It is a pure Nyonya speciality that is embraced by people of all races Singapore, sold by Malay, Indian, and Chinese hawkers alike. It is usually served with salted soy beans, boiled egg, dried bean curd, and tamarind.

Where is it sold

Mee Siam is a delightful dish that has captured the heart of Singaporeans, but is an acquired taste – which means that once you taste one version of Mee Siam and finally get used to it and love it, it’s even harder to try another version with the same open mind. However, here are some stores that have received favourable reviews from their customers:

– Tanjong Pagar Mee Siam

– Al-Hanifa Muslim Food

– Makan

How to make it

Mee Siam is a great dish to make because it will produce something that is flavourful and unique, different from the usual fare of food. Here are some recipes to help you get started:



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